Abrasion Slash Resistant

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Ultra Tough Cut Resistant Arm Guards Can Help Protect Those Who Serve

Ultra tough slash and cut resistant sleeves, offering the highest possible BS EN 388:2003 blade cut resistance level 5 will reduce workplace violence related injuries, according to UK based PPSS Group.

Their recently developed cut resistant fabric Cut-Tex® PRO is taking the world by storm and it is now being used to line slash cut resistant sleeves, designed to protect police, prison and immigration officers as well as private security and mental health care professionals.

Robert Kaiser, CEO of PPSS Group states: “We have recently received a number of enquiries for knife and cut resistant sleeves from SWAT teams in the USA, from some of the largest private security firms in the world and from numerous high security hospitals and prison facilities.”

According to Robert Kaiser, there are also a noticeable increase of enquiries coming from the steel industry, glass manufacturing and even the construction industry.

Cut-Tex® PRO lined cut resistant sleeves provide exceptional protection from vicious slashes, accidental cuts, and also from bites (important for mental health), whilst maintaining a high degree of dexterity to the wearer.

“Our most successful cut resistant arm guard model is named VERSION 1 and features an inner layer of ultra high cut resistant Cut-Tex® PRO and an outer layer of extremely durable CORDURA®."

We have to accept the fact that many professionals face a higher level of risk when dealing with potentially hostile or intoxicated members of the public; this is why this type of product certainly seems to make sense.

Robert Kaiser also explains: “Based on statistics and our own research we can clearly state that cuts on open hands and forearms are most common injuries within police services and the private security sector.”

“These wounds are classed as ‘defensive wounds’ and are usually received after a police or security officer has instinctively raised his hands in order to protect his face.”

All slash and cut resistant arm guards can be manufactured using different outer materials and can be used in conjunction with
Cut-Tex® PRO
lined cut resistant tactical gloves, some of which even provide puncture resistance from hypodermic needles.”

Please call +44 (0) 845 5193 953, visit
or email PPSS Group directly for further information: info@ppss-group.com .

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