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Top 10 Anime Film of all Time - 10 Classic Anime Movies You cannot miss!

I was born in 1980s and there were less entertainment activities for me to enjoy as the tech limited. If you are my peer, what did you do in your childhood? Watching anime, cartoon and comic films should be on the list, aren't they? Then, what are the must - watch cartoon films on your list?

Ok, here is the collection of my list for reference. If you are a 90sers, have a good time to enjoy these classic anime movies!

No.1 Ninja Scroll - Preview Ninja Scroll pics

The movie was released on June 5, 1993 and received a Western release on December 6, 1996. It was also released in some regions as Jubei Ninpucho: The Wind Ninja Chronicles . The film is licensed by Manga Entertainment in North America.

Ninja Scroll won the Citizen's Award at the 1993 Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival. It is among the most popular anime movies outside of Japan, along with such movies as Akira and Ghost in the Shell. It was well-received in its depiction of the ninja and Japanese legendary creatures such as the Stone Golem, and the Blind Assassin.

No.2 Akira film - Preview Akira posters

Kaneda is a bike gang leader whose close friend Tetsuo gets involved in a government secret project known as Akira. On his way to save Tetsuo, Kaneda runs into a group of anti-government activists, greedy politicians, irresponsible scientists and a powerful military leader.

The confrontation sparks off Tetsuo's supernatural power leading to bloody death, a coup attempt and the final battle in Tokyo Olympiad where Akira's secrets were buried 30 years ago....

No.3 Princess Mononoke - Preview Princess Mononoke Wallpapers

A beautifully realized tale of civilization versus nature, Princess Mononoke is a true epic by Japan's master animator Hayao Miyazaki. While protecting his village from a rampaging boar-god, the warrior Ashitaka (Billy Crudup) is cursed with a rapidly spreading scar that threatens to end his life.

Seeking a cure and a reason for the animal-god's attack, he journeys into the sacred depths of the Great Forest Spirit's realm.

On the edge of this once serene forest, however, the Tatara clan have begun to destroy the surrounding land to produce iron. In retaliation, San (Claire Danes), the adopted daughter of the wolf-god Moro (Gillian Anderson), has begun raiding the Tatara fortress to stop their encroachment. Soon Ashitaka is caught in the middle and must stop the war between the humans and the forest dwellers before they destroy each other.

No.4 Ghost in the Shell - Preview Ghost in the Shell Wallpapers

Another visually sensational animated film from the producers of the acclaimed "Akira." Major Motoko Kusanagi is a beautiful cyborg who works for Section 29, Japan's secret police force, in the year 2029.

Motoko's supervisor, Aramaki, orders her to find Puppet Master, a sinister computer terrorist created by a rival organization.

Helping her is fellow cyborg Bateau and the almost entirely human agent Togusa. Because their prey has the ability to hack into the minds of his enemies, the evil villain must be stopped as soon as possible. But as the tough cops close in on their target, Motoko realizes that she and Puppet Master seem to have a lot in common.

No. 5 Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade - Preview Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade Wallpapers

A retelling of the fairytale, Little Red Riding Hood, Hiroyuki Okiura's debut feature, the Anime film JIN-ROH, is a tale of personal crisis amid intra-bureaucratic skulduggery. The film is set in an alternate reality in which Japan has emerged from World War II as a totalitarian society.

The population riots, a group called the Sect creates havoc, and the armored Special Unit of the Capitol Police Organization (CAPO) plots to acquire more power. A soldier named Fuse, who was once one of the most formidable men in the Special Unit, agonizes over the death of a young girl who worked for the Sect and in doing so he becomes a neurotic mess intent on befriending the dead girl's sister....

No. 6 Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within (Special Edition) - Preview Final Fantasy Wallpapers

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is a computer animated science fiction film by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the Final Fantasy series of role-playing games.

In the year 2065, the next great assault against an invading race of phantom-like aliens is about to be launched. Dr. Aki Ross, a brilliant young scientist, races to find the invaders' secrets, not only to save the planet, but herself as well after her body is infected by alien particles. She teams up with the prestigious Deep Eyes military squadron, led by her old friend Grey Edwards.

But as Aki, her mentor Dr. Sid, and Grey work toward a peaceful end, the scheming General Hein devises a plot to eradicate the aliens in one swift, destructive blow...even if it destroys the Earth right along with them.

No.7 Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie - Preview Street Fighter II Wallpapers

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie , originally released in Japan as Street Fighter II Movie is a 1994 animated film adaptation of the Street Fighter II fighting games written by Kenichi Imai, directed by Gisaburō Sugii and animated by Group TAC. The film, originally released in Japan on August 8, 1994, has been adapted into English in dubbed and subtitled format by Manga Entertainment. Group TAC later produced the anime series Street Fighter II V.

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie was well received among fans of the games, and is generally considered to be far superior to the live-action film which followed it. The action sequences had a very realistic portrayal in comparison to other Street Fighter anime, and action anime in general, due to the assistance of K-1 founder and professional fighter, Kazuyoshi Ishii and Andy Hug.

No.8 Vampire Hunter D - Preview Vampire Hunter D Wallpapers

In the year 12,090 A.D technology and the supernatural have overtaken the world. But thanks to the overzealous ambitions of man, the world remains desolate and despotic. What's left of the human race is divided into various towns and cities living in fear of vampires who compose and exist as the Nobility, fending off the monsters and mutants as a result of their existence.

On a night five days after the Count Magnus Lee had harmlessly tasted the blood of Doris Lang and chosen her to be his next wife, she hires a vampire hunter by the name of 'D' to rid her of such an ill-gotten fate. As a dhampir (half human, half vampire), there exists a distinct resentment between the hunter and his prey. But as the Count finds out, there is also a peculiar secret behind the past of the Vampire Hunter D.

No.9 Spirited Away - Preview Spirited Away Wallpapers

Tale of the fanciful adventures of a ten-year-old girl named Chihiro, who discovers a secret world when she and her family get lost and venture through a hillside tunnel. When her parents undergo a mysterious transformation, Chihiro must fend for herself as she encounters strange spirits, assorted creatures and a grumpy sorceress who seeks to prevent her from returning to the human world.

No.10 Royal Space Force - Wings of Honneamise - Preview Wings of Honneamise Wallpapers

Royal Space Force - Wings of Honneamise , one of the best animated films ever made (it won three separate best animated picture prizes in 1987), is an epic tale set in an alternate universe, somewhat similar to our own.

In it, human civilization is on the verge of travelling into space, though no one is taking any real serious steps to get there, and The Royal Space Force is no exception.

More a government publicity stunt than a viable space program, its recruits are often ridiculed and demeaned by both the public and the government. However, when one recruit, Shiro Lhadatt, meets a young woman who encourages him to kick-start the program, he organizes a haphazard team of scientists and pilots who race to be the first into space.

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