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Redbird Armor Invited To Attend 2009 International Swine Flu Conference

Press Release

For Immediate Release from

Redbird Armor

Darlington, WI - Redbird Armor has been invited to attend the 2009 International Swine Flu

Conference in Washington DC, August 19-21, 2009. Representatives from Redbird Armor will

be featuring the new NT-V2 Mask , which is a unique N95 respirator which

neutralizes viruses and bacteria on contact.

The International Swine Flu Conference will include leaders in public health, business,

science, first response, and of nonprofit sectors, who will focus on this first pandemic

in the age of globalization and prepare for a potential wave of H1N1 virus this fall. The

World Health Organization (WHO) expects an influenza pandemic to unfold in two or three

successive waves.

This conference comes just days after health officials announced that the production of

the vaccine will not be available as quickly as planned. Health officials are now

predicting that instead of the expected 120 million doses, just 45 million will be ready

to dispense by October 15th. Consequently, this news has some medical professionals

admitting to being a little nervous about the consequences of the delay.

Representatives from Redbird Armor will inform key stakeholders in the pandemic planning

community of the attributes of the revolutionary NT-V2 Mask, the newest in a line of

pandemic prepardness products. The mask incorporates the renowned properties of silver

with revolutionary design advantages to optimize fit, function and comfort. The NT-V2

Mask is a NIOSH approved N95 respirator that also has received approval from the European

Union CE.

Redbird Armor, distributors of the revolutionary NT-V2 Mask, continues to add products to

its pandemic preparedness offerings. For more information about these products or the

International Swine Flu Conference, please visit our website or call


About Redbird Armor:

Redbird Armor is a division of Redbird Medical Supply created to address the threat of

infection and global disease and to provide innovative solutions and products.



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