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How To Buy Suitable Front Lace Wigs

1, save money! Although we expected a good wig hair style sell 200-300 dollars, but do a hairstyle, compared with more than (perm + hair + care) more than the cost to be affordable. Here we introduce the model wig is to help you save money! Only a few hundred per day to spend
human hair wigs
more than you can change form.

2, to protect your real hair, protect your health! Each hot dye their own hair with varying degrees of damage; often causes scalp hair color or perm cancer and other cancers, please make the best of circumstances, to minimize the frequency of hot dye, please wear a wig, so that your real hair recuperate.

3, stylish Tsuburi! Women changing, changeable men. To be a volatile woman, a different hairstyle for every kind of mood, whether you are in the office, school, or any meeting place, beautiful and varied you would make your charm hundred percent, shiny hundred percent.

Second, how to wear a wig?

One, his hair is divided into two beams or more beam (we can according to their own hair volume and length of points)

2, with the clamp fixed to the back of the hair (hair can be more and more children with a point card Oh, programmed braid is best not to drive in the head, because this site will be bulging out of place and should make good local disc compilation recesses in the back of the head)

3, take Portal

4, brought a wig from the previous proof is the first heart and then put on a beautiful wig (wig caps there adjust the size of buttons, you can own ingenuity to adjust to fit the size of the Well)

5, hold your hands after wearing hair net around the edge gently move the correction.

Third, the best place to wear a wig!

In choosing a wig, the first to make a wig the size of the wearer's head circumference and the same. Too little pressure in affecting the head of the blood circulation; too large is the lack of a sense of security. Appropriate on the basis of the model, depending on the width of the forehead, to wear in the appropriate position. Wide places on the court longer wear wigs when the edge slightly to the drop-down, accompanied by a certain
full lace wigs
amount of hair hair for foil curtain; narrow the amount of court short, when worn, wigs edge slightly upward, but not too up, leaving to set off a small amount of hair curtain.

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