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What's your opinion of the Kershaw Black Blur knife (Not serrated)?

I have this knife and I don't know if they're naturally faulty knives or if it's just my bad luck with knives as of late. My first Kershaw was the Tanto Tactical Blur (serrated) and the tip of it broke off, so I threw that one away and got the non-serrated black blur. Well, that one's assisted opening thumbstud came loose and so I had to take that one back to the store I bought it from and I got my money back and bought another black blur, hoping it would stay together. Only to find out that this one is making a weird noise like it's gonna fall apart. What's the deal? What do you think of this knife? What other brand would you recommend?

CRKT, Case, Gerber, Schrade, Spyderco, Benchmade, depends on your budget. How old are these knives, are you doing any knife improper activities (screwdriver, prying, etc).?

Kershaw makes a decent blade for the money, sorta surprising. Maybe change blade types, look at the Tanto styles, the tip doesnt break as easily as a drop point.

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