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The Fiskars X17: Afforable Wood-Choping Technology

Many people have enjoyed the autumn ritual of gathering and splitting of wood in preparation for those warm cozy fires during the long, dark winter. (That is those of us that who don’t wimp out and buy our wood!) If you are one of them, you are probably familiar with the traditional wooden handled, steel headed axe. And with what goes with it - struggling to pull the blade out of the log, over-strike after over-strike before the wood actually splits. Sometimes the head actually flies off in a terrifying arc.

Well, one of the world's top designers and manufacturers of cutting tools, a company called Fiskars, has come to the rescue with their X-series product line of "cutting-edge" axes (yes they make great scissors too.)

The Fiskars X17 is an axe designed for small to medium log splitting jobs. This axe will completely change your experience of splitting logs. They have made some great innovations to the simple wooden and steel axe. They have actually taken what the reality of splitting logs is like and provided great solutions to the age old problems faced by anyone with this exhausting job. They have taken a simple tool and made it a fine tuned instrument.

The Fiskars X17 cuts logs fast and with precision. Fiskars has taken axe technology up a notch and given us a tool that with its faultlessly designed weight distribution and a blade with an edge that is super sharp and practically indestructible. That attention to improvement has taken the tool that in the past was a simple metal/steel head on a handle of wood. You remember the blisters and arm, wrist and shoulder pain. With the Fiskars X17 the axe has come into the twenty-first century. The Fiskars X17 has a well thought out, light-weight, shock-absorbing “FiberComp®” handle that is weight balanced with a “power-to-weight" ratio that allows for an increase in the speed of your swing. When combined with the insert-molded hardened forged steel head, you get a reduction of over-strikes and the head breakage that goes with it. Your hands, wrists and arms will thank you. You actually can split a half-cord to a cord of wood without being so sore it is hard to lift your arms for next few days.

The Fiskars X17 has another advanced feature making it less necessary to stand on the log to pull the axe out if you fail to split all your logs with a single strike (all you Paul Bunyuns out there might not worry about that, but us mere mortals sure do!) The “bevel convex” blade edge with a non-stick coating makes straining to remove the axe from the log less necessary. The Fiskars X17 weighs in at 3.7lbs with a head weight of 2.56 lbs. This forged steel head also makes it stand up to punishment longer and hold a sharp edge that will give you better cuts, longer.

But be forewarned - the feel and weight distribution of the Fiskars X17 might take some getting used to. It will feel strange at first and the handle may throw you off. So you need to keep this in mind the first time you use it. It may take you a few splits to get the hang of it.

The Fiskars X17 axe is reasonably priced, running around $35 - $45 and it comes with a lifetime warranty. So the next time you are looking for a new axe for those small to medium sized chopping jobs, check out the Fiskars X17. You'll sock away that winter's supply of wood in no time.

For more information on all the Fiskars X-Series hatchets and axes, see

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