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Can I pack a knife into my suitcase?

I am planning on bringing 1 or 2 Knives in my suitcase.

I am not planning to carry it, I am planning to check it into the baggage thing.

Please do not give bogus answers, and please know what you are talking about!

The first knife is a KA-BAR Tanto Full Size, blade length 8 inches.

The second knife is a KA-BAR Next Generation, blade length 7 inches.
First off, No. I don't plan on killing anyone. Don't be stupid. I'm spending my summer in Taiwan and I'm camping. I need a knife for my hiking / climbing.

There are uses for knives, idiots. Not just violent acts. Anyone can figure out some things are useful, other than hurting people.

I'm not an idiot. Of course they wouldn't let you bring knives on a god *** plane. Jesus Christ.

Knives are allowed in checked baggage. Kitchen knives are bought and brought home all the time in checked bags. No passengers can have access to them during flights.

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