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Double Sided Foam Tape: A Must for The Industry

Double sided foam tape
are known for their comfort, grip and sealing characteristics and it is a great use in the industrial sector. They are also very famous for their safety characteristics which are must for some industries. There are different types of foam tapes available in the market. Some are single sided and some are double sided. Again, tapes have different uses based on their density and thickness. These tapes may be used to give a protecting layer to the safety helmet or to seal a two sided opening while giving it a spongy feel or just to giving a vibration safe comfort.

These tapes are generally made of foam of different thickness and density and are available in different shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are available in roll, sheet or strips. This basically depends on how and where they are going to be used.

Double sided foam tape
are specially used in industrial purpose. High density foam added with good adhesive makes it great for tackling and holding and thus it is used vividly in the mechanical jobs. They are easy to peel so they are easy to use. They are used to reduce the vibration effect of machine. It not only prevents us from noise the machines make but also from easy wear and tear of machines. Foamed acrylics are those foams which are used instead of mechanical fixing.

The foam of the double sided foam tapes are formed of Polyethylene, PVC, Polyurethane or Neoprene. Some tapes are specially made in a way that they resist flame which is very useful for electrical, automobile and aviation industry. Day by day this is gaining more and more importance and finding its place more often in all the places when sealing, controlling, and maintaining safety where required.

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