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Hand Dryer : Hand Dryers by American Dryer

Hand Dryers

Hand dryers are the most cost-effective environmentally-friendly method of hand drying available today. In 2007 American Hand Dryer released the first eXtremeAir high speed, energy efficient hand dryer. The patented design is 43% smaller than competitive models with a drying time of 10 - 12 seconds. The innovation continues. In 2010, American Dryer released the new eXtremeAir eXt series energy efficient hand dryer. The EXT consumes three times less energy than other high speed hand dryers while drying hands in 12-15 seconds.

Hand Dryer Operating Costs

Our complete line of maintenance-free hand dryers save customers as much as 99% of the cost of purchasing paper towels. For example, our eXtremeAir gXt high speed hand dryer uses $0.42 of electricity per 1,000 hand dryings. The new eXtremeAir eXt energy efficient hand dryer uses an industry leading $0.18 of electricity per 1,000 hand dryings. In contrast, a case of paper towels costs $55-$60 to purchase. Paper towels have additional maintenance and disposal costs. To learn more please visit our free cost savings calculator.

Hand Dryer Durability

Unlike paper towels, hand dryers are always ready to operate. There are no dispensers to refill, no overflowing waste baskets and no clogged toilets. Since 1952, American Hand Dryer has provided proven hand dryer designs that stand the test of time. All of our hand dryers have passed Underwriters Laboratories (UL) durability tests as well as our own testing. To prove it, we parked an F-150 truck on our eXtremeAir hand dryer with ABS cover.

Hand Dryers and the Environment

More and more businesses are going green. Our energy-efficient hand dryers reduce landfill waste while consuming less electricity. Our

eXtremeAir hand dryers are a great way to reduce carbon emissions compared to other hand dryers or paper towel. They are GreenSpec Listed® and help facilities qualify for LEED® Credits.

Choosing the Right Hand Dryer

We have over 20 different hand dryer models in stock to meet your needs. Start by going to our hand dryer products page or download our product guide. Please call us at 800-485-7003 (US) or 734-421-2400 for help picking the right hand dryer for you.

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Hand Dryers by American Dryer

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