Beginner Iaito Katana

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Why Yamaha Make The Best Beginner Guitars

Yamaha is a leading brand across the electronics market. Over the years they have established themselves as a giant in their industry, creating cutting edge technologies for everything from the automotive industry right through to the entertainment industry.

It is little wonder then, why Yamaha are responsible for making such fantastic begi¬¬nner guitars. Their guitars are consistently high quality positioned very well in the starter pack market. In this article we look at three Yamaha guitar models which would suit every beginner perfectly.

The Yamaha ERG121UC2G-PP guitar package

This is one of the higher-end Yamaha beginner guitars, with its incredible shape and beautifully designed body in a gloss black finish. When bought in a bundle, this guitar comes with a huge array of extras that the beginner will need at the start of their career.

Due to this guitar being of such a high calibre, it is not Yamaha’s cheapest option.

Yamaha Pacifica guitar package

The Yamaha Pacifica is one of my all-time favourite guitars, with its natural wood finish and contrasting white coating. I owned and gigged with this guitar for over a year and it never failed to sound great.

When bought in a package this can set you back around £250 but it is worth EVERY penny.

Yamaha ERG Gigmaker guitar package

The Gigmaker guitar is a sought after model due to it being such a high quality piece. When bought in a package there are quite as few bits there are not included, but the price still hovers around the £250 mark due to the guitar itself being of a high quality build.

This would be a recommended purchase for the serious beginner who plans to spend hours each day learning to master their new instrument.

Why choose Yamaha?

If you are purchasing a high-cost item, whether it is a new TV or even something like a dining room table, you need to purchase from a brand that you can trust; somebody that has built themselves up to become a reputable supplier. Yamaha is indeed this, and then some.

As a guitarist of several years I can comfortably say that Yamaha produce among the best beginner guitars. One could argue that the beginner simply does not need a high quality guitar if they are learning, but a guitarist will treat his instrument like a soldier may treat his gun. Guitars should be treated with respect and playing it should be considered a long-term endeavour. For this reason a higher quality instrument is worth investing in so that when the guitarist reaches intermediate or even advanced level, they still want to keep their original model.

If you are a beginner looking to learn the electric guitar why not get started with a
yamaha guitar pack

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