Benchmade Tool Kit

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What is hand tool? When we talk about putting together a standard tool kit....

When we talk about putting together a standard tool kit, the first thing that comes to our mind is a hand tool.
Hand tools
are the tools that are used for performing any type of home repairs by hand. A hand tool is a device for performing work on a material or a physical system using only hands. The hand tools can be manually used employing force, or electrically powered, using electrical current. Virtually every type of tool can be a hand tool and many have also been adapted as power tools, which get their motive power from motors or engines rather than from human mechanical action.

It's not just nostalgia that makes traditional hand tools appealing. The only fuel they need is muscle power, and they produce less dust and no noise. Good hand tools don’t let you take shortcuts; they force you to work more safely and thoughtfully. And the attention they demand just might make you work more skillfully.

Hand tools are often termed as
DIY tools
. These are used widely in all types of industries including manufacturing, agriculture, construction, automotive, plumbing etc. There are different types of hand tools in fact the list of hand tools is quite long as they are available in numerable shapes and sizes.

Eastman Impex produces hand tools which include anything from spanners to hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, punches, chisels, toolboxes, carpenter tools etc these are further categorized as woodworking hand tools and craftsman hand tools.

Raw material for producing Hand Tools

Hand tools manufacturer
make use of a wide variety of metals and wood in its making. The common materials used in making the blades of hand tools are:

• Iron

• Steel

• Aluminum

• Brass

• Stainless steel

• Carbon steel

• Mild steel

The material used in making the hand tool handle is the wood. Sometimes plastic handles are also used.

Types of Hand Tools

• Manual Hand Tools: Manual hand tools are the most basic form of equipment. They do not require the speed of powered hand tools or do not have access to power sources but are perfect for operations. These include spanners and wrenches, hoes, screwdrivers, chisels, hammers etc.

• Pneumatic Hand Tools: Pneumatic hand tools perform the operation task at the push of a lever. They are powered by compressed air. They include chippers, drills, hammers, sanders etc.

• Power Hand Tools: Tools which are hand held but are powered by electricity. These include chainsaws, high grade motors, electric drills, angle grinders, jigsaw cutters, tappers, fasteners etc.

Apart from this, there are antique hand tools too which are most often extracted during archeology surveys. Given below is a list of the various popular hand tools used for different purposes.

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