Biker Assist Lock

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What is the Top Laminate Lockers Lock?

TeL Smart Industrial Co., Ltd is a manufacture of Laminate Lockers Lock 락카키제조 What is the Top Laminate Lockers Lock? Easy controll, save power, well capability and have follow characteristic: 1.       Simple main transmission structure, slowdown by one step, short transmitted chains , small power wasting; The similar product from other company slowdown by three or four step, a lot of power wasting; 2.       The most optimization transmission ratio, use the minimum input power to achieve Lock tongue in and out; 3.       Transmission continuous, sound shapely, avoid the impact of noise cause from traditional machine; 4.       The power cut when the lock tongue near end-point, it can safe power,   and ensure advoid keep on power supply when other reson lock tongue don’t reach end-point; It can advoid power lost in traditional design, the traditional design is transmission by fixed time which is the power enough, and advoid the lock tongue can’t reposition in voltage not enough condition. Because there is a spring at the end of lock tongue. 5.       The whole transmission structure is very compactness, reduce the size of the lock body; 6.       Save power, this model of RFID Locker Lock running well just by 3pcs 1.5V alkaline battery, traditional model must use 4pcs 1.5V alkaline battery. 7.       The appearance of lock body is more beauty than tradition model , because design of lock body structure is base on bottom plate, there is no mark of plastic shrinkage after lock installation; 8.       Materials of lock body is ABS, color is matt black, it show more nobleness. 9.       Materials of front panel is Copper, polishing and plating, outstanding tactile feel; 10.   This product structure of advanced, appearance of fashion, nice craftmanship, endurability and steady capability. 11.   National Invention Patented: 200910039872.8 This is our model 8008E Mifare Locker Room Lock from TeL Smart Lock Industrial Co., Ltd. For know more about these locker lock, please visit or contact

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