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Fable 3 Trick: How to Get Wolfsbane Sword in Fable 3

Wolfsbane sword is a kind of Fable 3 weapon. It is very powerful and useful. Many guys want to know how to get wolfsbane in Fable 3. The article will let you know how to unlock wolfsbane in Fable 3.

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●Fable 3 Wolfsbane Sword Detail


Kill 50 enemies with flourishes.

/ Earn Guild Seals Faster in Combat


Kill 50 wolves or balverines.

+40% Damage vs Wolves and Balverines


Kill 50 enemies at night.

+40% Damage at Night

It is said that this sword was forged by wolves during the great Lupine Wars over a thousand years ago. Wolfsbane is a legendary sword in Fable III to be included in the Fable III Limited Collectors Edition.

●Fable 3 Wolfsbane Location

Eventually the area with the lodge opened up and I went and got the LCE items(clothes, dog potion, etc.). Problem is that Wolfsbane is nowhere to be found. Looked everywhere and couldn't find it. Then I read that you have to do the LCE quest to obtain it, but the only LCE "quest" I received was the one telling me to go to the lodge and then it completed. No other quest.

When/where does this quest start?

Answer 1:
All the dlc is kinda odd one of my outifts have not shown up, do some of this dlc come as the game goes on? its weird that we do not get it all at once

Answer 2:
According to the players guide, The Wolfsbane is acquired by completing the limited collector's edition quest in Silverspines.

Answer 3:
It is apparently more damaging to Wolves and Balverines, much like the Silver augments in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters. Is obtained in the silverpines quest which is unlocked once you reach bowerstone and does 40 damage.

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