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Ways to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill

It is getting harder and harder to makes ends meet these days, especially with our economy in the state that it is in. Families are cutting their spending in as many places as they can whether it is planning a less expensive vacation, not going on vacation or just simply cutting back on everything.

One of the things that seem to be hitting family's pocket book is their grocery bill. Groceries have become expensive. Farmers have had to raise prices on their goods because of the price to raise and harvest, or the drought has made it hard for farmers to grow their crops, whatever the reason, the consumers are feeling the impact at the check out stand.

There are ways to save money when you buy groceries. Here are a few tips on how to save when it is time for that weekly shopping trip.

* Clip coupons. Manufactures place coupons in the paper weekly. Take the time to go through and clip out everything you or someone in your family uses.

* There are many online coupons. You can either print and cut out the coupons, or buy online and use the coupon immediately. If you buy groceries online, not only do you avoid the grocery store, you also save gas since the groceries to delivered right to your door.

* Shop at discount stores. Places like The Dollar Store, Dollar General and other discount stores have groceries. They are usually much cheaper than brand name stores and many carry name brand items.

* Try buying in bulk. It makes sense to buy in bulk if you are shopping for a large family. Places like Sam's or Costco are great places to buy in bulk. Even if you don't have a large family, you can buy in bulk and store the unused items until they are needed. Just make sure you pay attention to the expiration dates and use them before they expire.

* Many families buy bulk with other families. If you do have a small family, but have close friends who want to buy bulk, get together and split the cost.

* Don't buy items you don't need. You are just wasting money in the long run.

* Don't buy groceries when you are hungry. Everything looks good and you will buy more or buy things you don't need.

* HEB grocery store has "Free Meal Deals." You have to buy one item and you can get several other items free. For example, you have to buy a pack of hot dogs. You can get a package of buns, mustard, relish and a bag of chips free. The store usually has several "Free Meal Deals" at once. You just have to look for them and get what is on the coupon. Your family can save a lot of money this way.

There are many other ways of saving money when buying groceries. Many stores will run sales each week. Try to pick up a store flyer and catch their sales they are offering.


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