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How to Become a Real Estate Bird Dog

There have been countless rags to riches stories that can be traced to success in real estate. One way of making it big in this industry is to become what they call as a "bird dog". What is a real estate bird dog and how can you become one?

A real estate bird dog is one who looks for properties, talks to the seller, finds and negotiates buyers, provides leads for investors, in hopes that a deal be signed and sealed. As a bird dog sniffs and hunts what the hunter wishes for, so does a real estate bird dog finds what a real investor desires. You will get paid, usually in the form of a commission, whenever a successful deal is sealed.

Real estate bird dogging is one of the best ways to get started in the industry. This business opportunity can be started anytime, even without prior knowledge and training. What you need to have though, is a lot of skill in hunting down potential sellers, buyers or investors, a lot of convincing power, and tons more of patience and persistence. Birddogging can earn you big profits without having to invest any money in properties.

How does one get started with real estate birddogging? There are three steps that you can start with:

1. Find potential buyers

The first step you need to do is to look for potential investors that are looking for good deals. This may be the bottleneck of the process, but if you find at least 20 serious buyers, you may have enough to live by. You can advertise your services, ask friends and acquaintances for referrals, resort to social networking, or even advertise online. Exhaust all possibilities and resources available to you.

2. Find sellers that meet the needs of your investors

Once you have a list of buyers, you will need to look for properties and houses that best suit their needs. The more sellers you come across, the better your chances of a successful deal. In the same way, you must exhaust all possible means to find properties at excellent prices. You can start the negotiation early on to get better deals for the property in question.

3. Present the property and try to seal the deal

Now that you have located a property that a buyer needs, you will have to present all the information you got to your buyer. Make sure your presentation looks professional and you have all information they need - including property location, asking price, type of house or property, photos inside and outside the property, and a brief assessment. Make sure that you make the property very appealing so you can increase your chances of sale.

If you want to get to know the real estate industry and get your share of profits without having to actually shell out money in investment, become a real estate bird dog today. Birddogging is also an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the real estate industry and learn every detail you need to potentially earn big.

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