Black Camping Machette

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My Favorite Things About Camping With Bear Spray Are The Camp Fires And Not Being Mauled

I really love camping. The fresh air, the sun, the campfires at night, the not being eaten by a 400 pound Black Bear, the smell of morning dew, the quiet tranquility that only a trip to the northern woods of Wisconsin can truly deliver. Unless the bear thing is happening to you. That is because that is one of the last things you want occurring while camping. Or anywhere really. I can’t think of too many times where I’m like “you know, this is good and all but I’d much rather be getting eaten by a bear right now”.

As such I never go anywhere near a forest without bear spray. I don’t own a gun and never will. I eat meat so I’d be a hypocrite if I said I’m against hunting but I don’t hunt myself because I just am not hip on having a gun around. That is in no way a slight against responsible gun owners who enjoy hunting and use what they kill to sustain their own life it is just my personal preference. What Guard Alaska bear spray does is prevent a bear attack by spraying the bear with a large dose of highly concentrated pepper spray. It is highly effective and certainly will give you a leg up in an otherwise doomed situation.

One thing to remember is to always have it accessible. Very accessible. When the immediate danger of a possible bear attack occurs it is because you are…

A. Very close to a bear that could very easily remove you throat for you.


B. That close and have upset the bear for whatever reason.

Either way you are not going to have much time to think about where you may have packed the bear spray. Nor is the bear going to let you take a 2 minute ‘time-out’ while you think about it. You pretty much want to always have it on your person when you are out and about or what is the point of having it?

As always my intention is not to make light of what could be a very tragic event but hopefully to draw attention to a very safe and effective way to prevent such a tragic event.

Stay Safe.

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