Black Duncan Macleod

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White and black wedding invitations

Are you dreaming for a fabulous wedding and now starting on the long path of planning the wedding then a black and white wedding invitation is a great way to show off the elegance. But don't think for one moment that your invite will be boring just because you are going with a traditional white wedding. Nowadays there are dozens of different designs and styles of invitations to choose from simply in the black and white realm so don't be afraid to add a twist to a classic invite and make it uniquely yours.

Nothing says "sophistication" more than a Black and White wedding, it is the essence of formal and elegant celebrations. In this kind of wedding, all the decorations are black and white from white ribbons to black runners. To set the tone for this affair, you need to begin with a black and white invitation. Here are three styles to spark your imagination and creativity.

1. The Single Panel Card: The tradition of simplicity is represented by the "single panel card". Here your invitation is printed on 80 lb. white stock card. The invitation card can be found in a variety of styles: you can have bordered cards so there would be a black border around the white center; you can have a black designed border around a white card; you can have an embossed black line on your white invitation card or you can simply have a white card with black ink.

2. The Layered Look: Fora touch of whimsy, use a layered look. This is an invite that has different cards "layered" on top of one another. For example, a black backer card, that has a smaller, white invitation card on top of it and either a black or white ribbon or fastener of some sort to hold it together. You can fasten the ribbon around the middle for an invite that is an upright rectangular shape; around the side if the invite is a side rectangular size, or at the top if you want to add holes for a ribbon to be threaded through. For a formal touch, you can add a vellum layer that is printed with your initials or names in black ink.

3. The Pocket Folder: This is the most modern style and adds a polished touch to your wedding. A pocket folder is a tri-fold that has the invite attached to the middle and a pocket on the side, or bottom that holds the RSVP card and other necessary information. A black pocket folder with white innards and a white ribbon makes a beautiful statement to your quests on what kind of celebration to expect. To add a unique touch, use a shimmer paper for the pocket folder. Shimmer paper catches the light and "shimmers" for a stunning effect.

So for a formal, black and white wedding, begin with an invitation that sets the stage. Whether you go for the traditional, single panel; the whimsical layered look; or the sophisticated pocket folder, the
black wedding invitations
will reflect the elegance you are creating.

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