Black Legion Battle

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How to Easily Beat Black Knight in The Sims Medieval

Beat the Black Knight
in The Sims Medieval seems difficult for some new players. When trying to beat Black Knight, some
cheat codes
will always help. The
The Sims Medieval walkthrough
can also help you to find the quest. Besides, you need some tips too. This article shows you how to easily beat Black Knight in
The Sims Medieval.

Beat Black Knight in The Sims Medieval Tips 1:

If you want to beat the Black Knight before your knight has leveled up enough, you can try this method, it is useful:

You have reload after each mini round becauese you will die insecond before your knight is powerful enough, so reload mini round to ensure you can back to your save and continue your battle: When the fight starts,
if he hurts you first, reload. If you hit him first, save.
Repeat process. Once you get hurt, reload, everytime you hurt him, save. Eventually, you will beat him!

Beat Black Knight in The Sims Medieval Tips 2:

Another tip for you to beat Black Knight is that you need to get the best weapon and armor before try to beat him.

You can get a good
armor from Dire Chinchilla quest.

Royal Longsword
will make the match easier.

Although you can complete the quest without beaten the Black Knight, beat him is a great challenge for you ! Try and beat the Black Knight now!!

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