Black Ops Swat

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How to become an expert sniper for the military, black ops, swat, etc?

I'm fourteen, a little young I know but whatever. I've always been interested in becoming an expert sniper of some sort. i like guns but i don't own one, i just shoot my friends. i have extremely good eyes and they can see a long ways without binoculars or a scope, and with a scope i'm a pretty good shot. i've just always had a dream of being on a big mountain under a cover and sniping some enemies for the better good. i love watching sniper movies, especially shooter. the ChayTec M200 is the gun i would use if i was a sniper, i just don't know where to start. should i get my gun licenses and take some courses or what? all the help i can get would be much appreciated! thnx!

first of all someone has been watching way too much tv or playing way too many games. second you would be armed with an M24 cause it is standard issue. third you may not be able to pass as a sniper instead if you join, at best you could get an M14 SMR.

ps- barret m107 has the same effective range and accuracy along with a bigger round

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