Black Ronin Master

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Black & White Master Pieces Through Silver Efex Pro

If you are still looking for a software to turn your images into fascinating black and white master pieces then chances are that you have not come across Silver Efex Pro software yet.
Silver Efex Pro
software is the world's best software when it comes to editing or converting colored images into classic black and white pictures. It does not matter if you are a professional photographer catering to a high degree of clientele in your photo studio or photography is just a hobby for you. If you are into black and white photography or you want to create stunning black and white photography then Silver Efex Pro software is all you need.

What makes Silver Efex Pro software the world's leading black and white conversion software is its dedication towards the photography industry and its patented technology. This award winning software is created by Nik Software company which is headquartered in San Diego, California. You can guess the success and popularity of this B&W conversion software from the quick opening of its global office in Hamburg,Germany. Also, it has a patented U Point Technology which offers a never before selective editing of images, that means that now you can give consecutive various shades of black and white in a single picture. This is achieved by giving the photographers the ability to make exact detailing of contrast and tonality enhancements without the need for any layer or masking. All this adjustments that make your image a piece of art done automatically by its specially designed algorithm for black and white photography. To utilize the full potential of your computer it is developed by working closely with world leading GPU processor company. And due to which you get fast and efficient image processing. Now, that is some remarkable collaboration.

You would also be delighted to know that Silver Efex Pro software is now being launched with its second version which is already is the most talked about thing between photographers around the world and a rage in the photography industry. Whats more the new Silver Efex Pro software installs as a plug-in to other famous image editing softwares that are used widely across various operating systems. You can buy your copy of Silver Efex Pro software from either its official site or through any of its resellers or specialty camera retailers.

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