Black Widow Thrower

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knife laws UK help please?

right i am thinking of getting a set of throwing knifes as a collectors item they are called black widow throwers <<<< theres a link i really would like them for my room but i dont know the laws in the UK on throwing knives and i dont want to get into trouble i have never been arrested and dont have a criminal record and to be honest i dont want one either they are strictly for a glass case i have to put them in can enyone shed some light on my situation maybe from a person who knows about knives and lives in UK thanks theses are throwing knives not normal ones so i need laws on just them specifically

he following items are banned from sale within the UK ... Switch-blades, automatics or 'flick-knives', gravity knives, balisongs or 'butterfly knives', push daggers, belt buckle knives, sword canes, disguised knives, or knuckle-duster knives.
the knives you are looking at are non of these and look purely decorative. they are not illegal to buy and keep in your house - however they are illegal to carry on you in person when you are out or to use on anybody inside the house. as long as they are keep in there class case you will be fine. - you also can't own knives if you have a criminal record which you don't so that's fine.
buying them - as i have already said you can't carry knives on you so you are best to order them of the internet and let them bring them safely to your house - if you do have to go into the shop and buy them (not recommended) make sure you ask for a receipt and go straight home - if you are stopped you can show your receipt, but you would still get into trouble. if the knives are found on you, you can get up to 5 years in prison and a criminal record, if you use them in an attack you could be sentenced to 4 years in prison (section 20) or 16 years in custody (section 18).
to sum up - as long as you keep them in the glass box and get them delivered to your door from the internet you won't get in trouble with the law. (uk law)

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