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Basics of Job Hunting: Tips and Job Searching Online

How do you approach job hunting? Do you have a strategy?

Do you have goals or any idea as to which jobs you’re interested in?

For starters, read this guide to career selection.

Your talents

After reading this guide, ask yourself this question, “Which jobs I’m interested in?”

If you’ve a ready answer, excellent!!

If not—check what have you been good at in the past and the activity you enjoyed the most?

Yes, ask this question again and again and again till you get the answer. The answers could be online gaming, financial analysis, online research, programming, talking to strangers, speaking in front of a large audience etc.

Ask questions like—According to others what am I good at? What unique skills do I have? What are my awards and accomplishments?

The next thing you should ask yourself—what are my strengths?

Your talents and achievements are your strengths.

Now, think about this.

Have you helped your employer save money in your previous jobs?

Have you designed a strategy which helped your company make money?

Have you introduced any process or framework that helped your company to save time?

Think about these aspects, they’re essential in promoting yourself as a candidate.

If you’ve achievements in any or all of the above aspects, it’ll help you bring clarity and also in selling yourself as a candidate.

If you do these two steps, it will help you communicate your achievements effectively to employers.

Additionally, it will help you in resume writing.

Make your story concise, clear and interesting.

Your strategy

Many job hunters don’t have a job hunting or job search strategy.

Why do you need a strategy? You need a strategy to be on track, to be focused and achieve results.

If you don’t know your roadmap, you won’t achieve your target. So have a plan which is specific and measurable. You can have specific goals.

Example: I want a job by April 20th this year. OR, I will send 8 resumes per week to different companies, OR I will approach 4 LinkedIn connections offline per week and discuss about my job prospects.

Remember, your goals should be specific and measurable. Make it public, so that everyone will help you in your job search. Post it on Facebook, write it on LinkedIn status updates.

Write and stick to your daily and weekly goals. This way you’ll achieve your monthly goals.

Remember, job hunting is a strategy and if you make it work, you’re bound to get results.

Write your job hunting goals, make 10 copies of your job hunting plan and paste it wherever you can see it 10 times in a day.

I’ve seen people having such goals and sticking to their daily and weekly goals and so achieving the results faster.

You too can start this from today.

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