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Features of Standard Air Blade Air Knife

The applications of air knife in the commercial and industrial sectors have been extensive and significant. The simple and low-cost mechanical tool has been used in cooling products and food processing plants, cleaning of equipment parts and even blowing off dust and excess particles in some products prior to painting. Air knives were present even as early as 1950’s the time when many industrial plants and factories were in boom, and were into mass production.

The simplicity and reliability of this device offered many factories ease and improvement in their production line, such as those dedicated to textile, computer parts and automobile. Today, the demand for the product has continuously been increasing, and the industry of air knife manufacturing is continually striving to offer new technologies for the product, including improvement of design and choosing the right materials to fit varied environments and temperatures. Nexflow’s Standard Air Blade™ Air Knife is one product in which you can trust your company’s drying, blow off, cleaning, and cooling operations. The tool is easy to mount and maintain. And, compared with other blow off systems, Nexflow’s Standard Air Blade™ has lesser air requirements and noise levels. The tool produces a laminar airflow throughout its length with the “Coanda effect” which draws great quantity of air from the surroundings as well as small quantity of pressurized air from the Air Blade™ to create an air stream of up to 30 times stronger. With Nexflow’s competitors, full-flow air knife system is common which is more expensive compared to Standard Air Blade™, which has rugged edge and multiple ports for flexibility and coated for extended life span. Additional features and benefits of the model include: aluminum body for standard material, while models made with stainless steel are also available for enhanced protection against high-temperature and abrasive operations; capable of amplifying air flow of about 30:1; instant on-off without movable parts; no electricity requirement and explosion threat; reduced air requirement up to 90% and noise levels of 10dbA; and maintenance-free and safe to use.

Nexflow’s Standard Air Blade™
Air Knives
come with a variety of accessories too. The tool can be enhanced with water and oil removal filters, the tool can also be bought with additional shims and kit for X-Stream™ Air Blade™.

Air knife has truly evolved yet continued to offer great advancements and ease to the industrial sector. With Nexflow and its Standard Air Blade™ and other
air knife
products, you are assured that air knives are there to continue providing functionality for various industrial operations.

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