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Affordable Certified Reliable Tech Support

Philip Pruchinsky, MCSE, MCP and A+ certified technician announces the opening of his new tech

support company AA1 Consulting Computer Services. Phil brings over 13 years of experience to his new

endeavor as well as a genuine passion for all things technical.

"Having been in customer service for several Fortune 500 companies, I know what it takes to make my

customers feel they are getting the best bang for their buck." states Mr. Pruchinsky. "The problem with

larger companies like Geek Squad, or PlumChoice is they are so mired down in policy and procedure that they lose sight of what put them in

business in the first place , the customer." "As a small business owner I am able to provide individualized

attention at a price the big companies can't touch."

" AA1 Consulting Computer Service provides onsite service when appropriate, but with the advent of

screen sharing software, most problems can be resolved without the nuisance of having strangers in the

house. Also, no disconnecting and reconnecting everything to take your PC into a shop," he stated further.

"Our service includes everything that happens with your, hardware, virus removal, network

setup (wired and wireless),game console installation and configuration adding printers and scanners,

network security, upgrades and system optimization"

You can find AA1 Consulting Computer Service on the web at http:// or contact

us at support@aa1consulting, call toll free 888-591-9873 or in the Tampa Bay area at 727-289-1840

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