Boker Magnum Treasure

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Magnum 100’ Yacht: Ecofriendly, Safe, Fast

Magnum Marine is a company which has a 50 years old history. Thecompany is famous for its quality construction, safety, seaworthinessand performance. The construction of Magnum 100’ is made from lightweight but strongmaterials such as composite foams and carbon fiber. This will reducethe weight of the yacht for more than 20% compared with similar models.The yacht’s interiors also feature energy-efficient LED and CFLlighting for better efficiency. For less drag and therefore improved fuel consumption, Magnuminstalls surface drives which not only reduce consumption but alsoincrease top speed. The yacht can reach a top speed of 55 knots. Asoptional equipment the new yacht will have an electric “harbor” drive,which is specially designed to propel the yacht at slow speeds andtriple MTU diesel engine in case the owner requires a boost inperformance and speed. The interior of the yacht will include four very large doublestaterooms, heads, reception and salon areas and comfortable crewcabins. Magnum 100’ is designed by Italian designer Alberto Mancini and is expected to be available by 2012.

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