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Grand Canyon Whitewater Offers Continued Excellence on Colorado River Rafting Trips

Life on the Colorado River is an ever-changing experience, and although shifts occur and things change, some things remain the same. Recently, after 42 years on the river, Diamond River Adventures took on new management and owners, and a new name, now operating as Grand Canyon Whitewater. Although you won’t see the name Diamond River Adventures on the river this year, you will see the company’s heart and soul living on in Grand Canyon Whitewater. And, you’ll see Diamond’s expert guides continuing to create unforgettable Grand Canyon vacations and experiences for the guests of Grand Canyon Whitewater.

Guides form the backbone of a river rafting company, and Grand Canyon Whitewater was pleased to warmly welcome the guides of Diamond River Adventures to join the new outfit. Respect on the river is earned, and the reputation of Grand Canyon Whitewater’s new ownership is one of decades of skill and integrity, which made the decision for many of the Diamond guides an easy one. Brock DeMey, a seasoned river guide with 8 years of experience with Diamond, will make the transition to the new outfitter and expressed his enthusiasm about the upcoming 2011 season. “I’m excited for the 2011 season with Grand Canyon Whitewater,” says DeMey. “I have been able to meet many of the people that are now my coworkers on the river over the past years and I’m excited to work with them.” DeMey enjoyed the dynamics of working for the Diamond “family” and is looking forward to a continued family management style as he joins Grand Canyon Whitewater.

Grand Canyon Whitewater knows that the best river guides wear many hats in the course of a river trip and look for exceptional individuals who can act as everything from geologist, counselor, cook, mechanic, logistics coordinator, conservationist to medical tech in addition to being expert whitewater guides. The ever changing nature of the river requires guides to anticipate the unknown and pay attention to the smallest details while safely maintaining the raft and other equipment over journeys of up to 300 river miles. Having the continued support of Diamond’s experienced guides will make it possible to provide river guests with the absolute best treatment and highest-quality experience on Grand Canyon Whitewater raft trips.

While Grand Canyon Whitewater is thrilled to have DeMey and his fellow guides join the new company, DeMey wouldn’t have been happy working for just anyone. “I am glad Diamond didn’t just ‘sell-out’ to some big corporation,” DeMey shares. “The team behind Grand Canyon Whitewater is a legend in the Grand Canyon rafting community and I am happy to make the move to work with them.” What is clear is that everyone involved with the newly formed Grand Canyon Whitewater has a genuine love and respect for the Grand Canyon and a true desire to share the beauty and wonders of their home with trip guests from the unique vantage point of the Colorado River.

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