Boot Daggers Twin

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Jacksonville's Premier Six Weeks of Personal Training & Boot Camp for Just $199!

What do you want to TRANSFORM? Your mind, your body, your fitness level? No matter what it is, The Extreme Elite Fitness Boot Camp is a place where you can make it happen!

Based on a non-military, completely motivational approach to fitness, the Extreme Boot Camp was designed around one, simple premise: Men and women want workouts that help them lose weight and keep it off!

Not only that, but you need to feel challenged, you want to grow, you want to prove that you are capable of more! You know that a better body awaits you, you want it, you are willing to do what it takes to get it, and you want someone to show you how to do it!

The Secret to Our Campers' Success

Our Perfect Pace Principle - Whether you are new to fitness training or been training for a while, the Extreme Boot Camp is the perfect pace for you! We don't have any levels, because we don't need them. Our format is specifically designed to allow first-time enthusiasts to work side-by-side with current campers and have everyone get an amazing workout! The most important aspect of our Perfect Pace Principle is that YOU always get to decide the pace.

Our Signature 3 Cs- Burning calories WHEN you workout is one thing, creating an after burn effect that lasts ALL DAY is taking it to a completely different level. When Elite Fitness experts created the Extreme Boot Camp, they designed it in a way that helps turn your body into a fat-burning machine by combining the right mix of short bouts of intense Cardio, Abs defining Core work, and Cross-training with weights.

Your Boot Camp Experience Includes All of This!

Not only does your Extreme Boot Camp experience include your metabolic-boosting and calorie-burning workouts, but becoming Extreme Boot Camp member includes all of this:

6 Weeks of Personal Training with Certified Fitness Trainer.

A Success Planner for goal setting and assessment tracking Body measurements before and after.

6 Week of Boot Camp, 3 times a week based on YOUR schedule. We are offering classes at 6a.m., 7 am, 8 am, and noon. We already have them at 7pm Monday through Friday. Sat 10,11am! Some competitors offer once a Week for

$ 15 per Boot Camp!? And it is only on Sat!!

Elite Fitness provide every thing for you, you just need to show up in save and fun environment not under the bridge! Or out in the Heat, Rain or Traffic.


Elite Fitness Provide Child Waiting room With a Certified Baby sitter so you can always have a peace of mind, for just only extra $25!


Lifetime membership to our newsletter by fitness Expert Noha Soliman.


And, the very best in motivation that we can possible offer you throughout your experience!

It is our missions to not only give you the workout experience, but to rather give you the entire transformation experience. We know that your success is 100% dependent on our ability to create a support system for you. We've done just that!

Contact Info



Office: Noha Soliman, Clayton Manning

Location: 11048 Baymeadows Road



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