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Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

What was intended as a relaxing vacation to Savannah, Georgia for Claire Donnelly, quickly turned into one of adventure and mystery!

Upon her arrival, Claire started experiencing unusual visions, which grew to vivid depictions of evil forces living among the citizens of Savannah.

Help Claire explain these terrifying visions in Hidden Mysteries: Vampire’s Secrets, a dark Hidden Object Adventure game.
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Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets Strategy Guide

Follow our crystal clear instructions and helpful tricks to get you through the rough spots! Solve those tricky puzzles. Figure out where you’re supposed to go next. Get tips and hints from our handy Strategy Guide! Written by our Casual Game Experts, each Strategy Guide comes with large, detailed screenshots, and fantastic descriptions.
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Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets Walkthrough

* This game is a Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure which contains 10 chapters.

* You can toggle between the Inventory and Book Tray by clicking on the appropriate tab at the bottom of the screen.

* There are 10 books to pick up in the game; they are located in Hidden Object Scenes. There is also a Diary that will be added to your Book Tray at the end of the first chapter.

* The Books contain valuable information for solving puzzles; make sure you open them all. Some puzzles cannot be solved unless the book has been picked up first.

* Click on sparkling clusters to access Hidden Object Scenes. Click on a hint (cross in lower right) and a circle will appear around a random object.

* In regular scenes the Tips Button will show you all accessible areas with red arrows and items that can be picked up with a Hand Icon.

* Hints are unlimited but must be charged before each use.

* The instructions for the mini-games are always located at the bottom of the screen. You can skip any mini-game once the skip button in the lower right is completely red.

* Inventory items will be added to your tray at the bottom of the screen after completing Hidden Object Scenes. You can also pick up an inventory item in a regular scene whenever you see a Hand Icon appear.

* Some items will automatically combine in your inventory once 2 corresponding pieces have been picked up.

* The Magnifying Glass Icon allows you to take a closer look at an area.
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