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The Best Bowie Knife Model

Bowie knife
enthusiasts always ask what is the best model or type of Bowie knife available in the market. The answer to this question depends on the kind of Bowie knife you are looking for or what needs do you want the Bowie knife to fulfill for you. One of the types of
Bowie knife on sale
is the Hunter Bowie knife. This model was created in New Jersey by a cutler named Alfred Hunter where a Spanish notch is visible in the blade and where the blade is made of high carbon steel with nickel and wood as the handle. If you are into a rugged Bowie knife look, then buy the
Bowie knife
New Orleans type which is characterized by its grip made from checkered buffalo horn and is known to be lighter. Other Bowie knife for sale online is the Chevalier Bowie knife which is well-known among collectors and users too. They are much sought after especially by those who purchase knives for collection purposes because the nickel silver tip and throat give it an intimidating appearance and the extravagance is perfected by its authentic leather sheath. Another popular type of Bowie knife is called the Vicksburg Bowie knife which came out in the year 1836 and was manufactured by the W. & S. Butcher Company. This Bowie knife model has a grip or handle that resembles a dog bone and is a little bit shorter and weighs lighter than the other Bowie types.

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