Breed Full Dragon

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How to breed blud fire dragon on Dragonvale?

Breed all dragons on Dragonvale. You really need to read this DragonVale breeding guide! All the DragonVale details will be post on, which includes to breed rainbow dragon, breed Scorch dragon, breed Fog dragon breed air dragon and the complete breeding guide for all dragons and all the useful tips and cheat for dragonvale. So, stay tuned.

How to Breed Blue Fire Dragon in DragonVale on iPhone iPad

Now there are three new dragon types appeared. They are Blue Fire dragon, Scorch dragon and Fog dragon. Let's talk about Blue Fire dragon Breeding first.

We need to breed one Ice dragon by combining Cold dragon with Water dragon. Then get one Fire dragon. At last we combine them.

What's more, There 26 kind of Dragons in the DragonVale(
Dragon List for Dragonvale
). How many of them you have got!? Still being troubled by how to breed rainbow dragon!? No, there are so many dragons you can own, do not be trapped by the rainbow dragon. And with the updates of Dragonvale for iPhone iPad, it added 3 more dragons for you to breed, fog, blue fire, sandstorm dragons which is hidden in the game. Detail about the
guide for Dragons in Dragonvale for iPhone

What's more, you should add friends as many as you can so that, you can get more and more gems. Do you want to
get more DragonVale Gems & Coins
? Then you need to take look at our page. This page will show you some DragonVale Gems Cheats, the DragonVale Coins Cheat. Do you have any problem in how to breed Dragon? This page will be updated in real time, so, stay tuned on the page.

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