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Types of Business Cases

There was a time when an attaché case was the only business-oriented bag that professionals used to carry their important documents and stationery to and from work. It usually had a hard exterior, a handle on top and a locking system for security. But as laptops replaced paper, the boring, old attaché case was also usurped by a barrage of smart looking and functional business cases.

The modern day professional is spoiled for choice as far as business cases are concerned. Some popular business cases of our time include:

Laptop Briefcase:
This type of bag is the preferred choice of professionals who work in industries where there is a strict “business attire only” dress code. It’s rectangular in shape, has a handle on top, and sometimes a shoulder strap for alternate carrying. Besides a computer compartment, most laptop briefs also have an organizer section to arrange files, peripherals, stationery, and tech gear. Types of laptop cases include clamshell, expandable, messenger style, and slim briefs. The really high end and designer ones are made from leather, but many good quality
laptop briefcases
are made from nylon.

Rolling Brief:
This is another type of laptop brief with the main difference being that it has wheels for ease of transport. A rolling brief is ideal for the frequent business traveler, who has to run from one airport gate to another trying to catch connecting flights. Some rolling briefs can also be expanded to accommodate a change of clothing – a convenient option for overnight trips.

Laptop Backpack:
A hands-free alternative to briefs, laptop backpacks are a great way to protect your valuable gear from knocks and bumps. A laptop backpack usually has a protective sleeve for the computer and lots of storage space for other items. The good quality ones have adjustable, ergonomic shoulder straps and mesh padding on the back for comfortable carrying. There are many types of laptop backpacks – tactical, sporty, casual, and professional to name a few.

Messenger Bag:
This rather casual looking bag is suited for professions who can afford relaxed dressing, such as radio, advertising, IT, graphic design, etc. They are sack-like bags that are worn cross body in mailman style. Messenger bags can have an in-built or detachable computer sleeve as well as pockets and compartment to organize other things.

Laptop Purse:
This type of laptop bag is mostly carried by the ladies although some man purses or murses, if you please, also exist. They look like typical handbags, but have a protective sleeve for a laptop. A laptop purse is perfect for professional women who prefer feminine looking handbags to briefs or backpacks. The only caveat is that these may not offer as much space and organization as a brief or a backpack.

Laptop Sleeve:
A laptop sleeve is ideal for professionals who don’t need a full case, just a protective cover for their laptops. A sleeve is also handy if you use a bag that doesn’t have a separate compartment for a laptop. Instead of wrapping your laptop in towels or blankets for protection, just slip it one of the safe
laptop sleeves
and put it inside the bag.

If you travel on work often, it would really help if your business case meets TSA approved checkpoint friendly guidelines. It will not only guard your laptop against theft and damage, but also make your security screenings that much quicker. Some known brands that make such business cases are Briggs & Riley, TravelPro, Tumi, and Victorinix.

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