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Assisted Living Where Money Is No Object

Whilst the saying of having money does not make one happy, there is certainly no harm in having some as it is certainly better than having none. Those who are fortunate enough to be surrounded by healthy bank accounts can certainly command a variety of luxury assisted living facilities. As establishments woo this sort of clientele into their doors, they go the extra mile in establishing themselves superior to their competition. Even as the basic concept is adhered to in terms of providing help for daily tasks, they attach a tag of carrying out each task with style treating the recipient as though a hotel delivering five star treatment to its guest.

As lifestyles are essential areas of focus for those able to afford ritzy assisted care, senior residents are presented with living options in chic condos dotting a vast property. One is treated to resort style accommodation, completed with designer treatment to indoor decoration as well as manicured lawns dotted with topiary works of art. Sizes of these apartments are probably larger than the average home with walk-in closets sufficiently large to house a family of four. Bathrooms with fixtures ranging from shower heads offering the rain drop experience to a staccato drumming are part of the offerings in these luxury assisted living facilities. Whilst his and her sinks as well as bidets are but some of the furnishings in the hygiene department, the setup in the kitchen is sufficient to whip up a dinner party. Since the name of the game is assisted living, the likelihood of these burners being fired up is probably unlikely as residents can certain afford catering services by the team of in-house chefs or opt for a change from external caterers.

Even as their lesser peers contend themselves with a stroll in the yard, residents opportune to ritzy assisted care is privileged to utilize the extensive ground paths for walking or cycling. Fitness centers are equipped with state of the art equipment, promising to deliver workouts as prescribed by therapists and dieticians. Personal trainers are at hand to ensure no muscles or hamstrings are inadvertently pulled out of position as an unhappy resident is to be avoided at all cost. As attention is paid to keeping the physical side well, the mental aspect is also looked in by providing brain teasers to keep the minds of senior residents ticking like clockwork. Since many come from high powered positions, they appreciate the occasional challenge to the intellect keeping mind and body well-tuned.

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