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8 Excellent Reasons To Buy A Folding Bicycle

Folding bikes have been a part of the bike scene for since bicycles began but always were considered to be the poor relation of the full-size bicycle. This happened because they were as unwieldy as ordinary bicycles used to be, as well as the added task of the folding process. Fortunately, nowadays it's a different situation. Bicycle technology has developed so the folding bicycle today is light, strong and agile. Patent hinges and custom fittings have made them fun and safe to ride, and the fold-up procedure is quick and convenient. Here are eight convincing reasons why a folding bicycle makes such good sense today: 1: They're simple to operate - everyone can ride a bike. No license is required and there's usually a minimum of regulations. But even if you're not obliged to, ALWAYS wear a protective. Most cyclist deaths are the result of head injuries. 2: They're convenient - you can put a foldable bicycle in the trunk of your automobile or take it on public transport with you. If you use your folding bike to commute to work, you can store it under your desk or tuck it in the corner. No more having to lock it up on the street and hoping it's hasn't been stolen by the time you get back. 3: They're economical - no extra fuel to purchase and no special parking or garaging necessary. You don't have to pay license fees or vehicle registration - they're great in traffic and you don't have to pay for parking space or garaging. 4: They're good for the environment - no fossil fuels are burned to pollute the atmosphere. They're good for reducing traffic and parking congestion - one cyclist on a bike requires a lot less space on the road, and parking, than a person in a car. 5: They're good for commuting - public transport is good but there's usually some waiting involved and you've often got a walk at either end of your commute. With a foldable bicycle you can be on your way, and if the weather turns unpleasant you can take your folding bicycle on public transport. 6: They're good for short trips, too - no need to fire up the SUV just to go to the library or the supermarket. Plus it's remarkable what you can carry on a bicycle! 7: They're good for your health - riding a bike is a low-stress workout, unlike jogging, but still good cardio-vascular exercise. And you get to breathe some fresh air. 8: They're low maintenance - keep the tires pumped up and check that the batteries in your lights are charged and that's all there is to it. A regular service by a bicycle mechanic will cost much less than the same service for an auto. And if you want yet another reason - they're fun! There's a variety of foldable bicycles to choose from, from the enrty-level steel folder with a modest range of gears to some very sophisticated foldable bikes made of ultra-light alloys and with remarkable gearing specs. Which folding bike's right for you? It depends on the level of your interest in cycling, and the depth of your pocket. The enthusiast who can afford it will go for the top of the range. If you're new to the concept of riding a bicycle on a regular basis, buy an entry-level foldable bicycle and see how you like it. If the bicycle bug bites, you can upgrade to something more exotic; if it doesn't, you're not a lot out of pocket. So, with those eight excellent reasons to buy, what are you waiting for? On your bike!

About the Author: Peter D Strudwick rides a foldable bike and is a guest author for FoldingBikeSale.com where you'll find a great range of cheap folding bikes . Article Source: ArticlesBase.com

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