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Some Useful Tips to Prevent Bone cancer

The abnormal growth of the bones may be cancerous in nature and cause bone cancer, but in most of the cases bone cancer is cause due to spreading or metastasis of the cancer from the other parts of the body. The bone cancer is mainly caused in the bones of legs and arms and is quite common in the children and the teenagers. In adults bone cancer is caused due to the spreading of cancer from other parts of the body. Bone cancer can be of various types but out of all of them osteosarcoma is the most common one. Depending on the type of bone cancer and the stage it has reached, the treatment is determined and followed accordingly. As such like many other diseases which can be avoided taking some preventive steps, there are no such available tips to prevent bone cancer but it is always advisable to know the risk factors of it.

In case of primary bone cancer, it depends on the family history. There are certain symptoms of the bone cancer such as fatigue, pain in the bone, loss of appetite etc. which should not be neglected. If there are certain changes in the body system, it is always advisable to consult the doctor so that early diagnosis is possible and treatment can start on time to avoid the cancer from reaching the secondary stage. While visiting the doctor, one should always discuss the family health history to get the primary bone cancers diagnosed and treated fast. If your family has the history of Paget’s disease then you are at risk factor of bone cancer. When a person is exposed to radiation for the treatment of other types of cancer, the person is at high risk. Here is listed the factors which could increase the risk factor of bone cancer and tips to prevent bone cancer.

1. People exposed to radiation

2. People exposed to the various petroleum products, herbicides and insecticides

3. Person has family history of bone cancer

4. People over 68 years of age

People who are already suffering from any other type of cancer must regularly go for the bone scan test and other tests to avoid the metastasis of primary cancer. One most important tip to prevent bone cancer is to follow the healthy life style always. Never stop the treatment for any type of cancer in between to avoid getting the secondary bone cancer.

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