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Is making money online really possible – Why Internet marketers fail

Every day, millions of new internet marketers are joining the ever growing family of online entrepreneurs that are hoping to make money online. Many are just looking to supplement their income while others are looking at internet marketing as a full time job. Thus the question holds, is making money online really possible and what are the factors involved?   Let’s first take a look at some facts: If you are new to the business, it might shock you to know that 95% of all internet marketers do not succeed. But the more important thing to ponder on would be that you can be one of the 5% that do. Before you can achieve that though, you will need to know 2 things, one, the reasons why 95% of internet marketers fail, and two, what the 5% that succeed do to accomplish their dreams. This article is going to elaborate on why the 95% fail in internet marketing. To read about what the 5% do to succeed, check out my other article – “Is making money online really possible – Why Internet marketers succeed.” Here are the top 3 reasons that I personally attribute the failure of the 95% to: (1)     Ignorance – Many simply jump online hoping to get rich quick and do not learn the skills and strategies to succeed in the industry. (This might also be attributed to the illegitimate scams out there that paint a rosy picture to trick many to sign up).     It is NOT true that anyone can make it in this industry because a person that does not try and learn about an industry or sits at home, and does not put any effort into his business is not going to succeed. Remove the ignorance factor from your equation through education and learning and you will remove one of the factors that will keep you in the 95% group.   (2)     Lack of Desire – Many dream of reaching the financial status that they want but do not have the commitment, perseverance and drive to succeed. Like any business, the online business will be full of ups and downs and if one is unable to take these twists and turns, they will definitely not make it.   You need to first judge yourself on the level of determination that you have, if you rank anywhere below 9 on a scale of 10 then you will not make it. This statement is not a bid to scare you away but you must be honest with yourself.   This business will reward you with freedom, control and financial payouts that you can only imagine and more importantly, it will help you develop as a person. But if you do not want those BADLY enough to develop what it takes to succeed, then you will not achieve those goals.   (3)     Falling to Disappointment – Many quit when their expectations are not met. It is common that new blood will tend to be driven by exhilaration and unrealistic goals and when they do not get the results that they want, they give up.   Always remember that the only way you will ultimately fail is when you quit. As long as you keep at what you are doing, believe that you will succeed and take it a step at a time and learn to walk before you try to fly, you will achieve success eventually. Yup! So these are the 3 factors that you’ll want to keep in mind if you are planning a career online. Constantly build your knowledge and skill set required for the industry, ensure that you have the drive and desire to succeed and never back down when faced with failure – get right back up and persevere. So if you ask me, is making money online possible – I’ll definitely say YES, BUT only if you do not make the mistakes stated above. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Justin Yong is a a full-time online entrepreneur who is loving his life and enjoys connecting with like minded individuals. I really enjoy travelling, exercising - sports and feeling free of financial worries! Check out my blog or Link up with me.   MyBlog: MySite: Twitter: Facebook:   I strive on assisting other entrepreneurs and would-be-entrepreneurs in areas like social media marketing, home based businesses, network marketing and internet marketing. Telling others exactly how to employ powerful internet marketing strategies to succeed online. It's rewarding seeing others that I help succeed and there's not a better job than this anywhere else!!   To your success!   Justin Yong Online Marketing Coach Email:  

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