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A circle, two points, plus an arc, that is, we are familiar with the smiley face image. Together by the bright yellow, rough design and badge form, coupled with the passage of time, they become well loved by the people of the pattern to make this a happy face, and even Disney anxious proud to announce that this pattern is by they design. The history of this pattern can be traced back to the 1960s of the last century. In the arts field, is hardly a pattern like the smiley faces, only such a simple expression will be able to win people so widely loved.
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For any kind of trend, I think, the beginning of the first design is always the best. Creation in the boom of the first wave of happy smiling faces of happy face pattern, and its image are mostly simple and charming. This popular symbol of the pattern and the kind of popular at that time, the performance of heavy color style and pop art to produce a good match. It was during the Vietnam War tension caused by the chaotic atmosphere play an interesting buffer role of innocent, happy face image is also very consistent with the mentality of the younger generation of those who advocate the spirit of freedom.

Draw a simple face many of the items and pictorial ideas (especially in the patterns of nature, such as sun and moon) is not new. You can find cracked a smile the image we see today is very similar to the graphics in the ancient hieroglyphics. You can also see in the film (Bye-Bye-Birdie) Dick Van Dyke singing "Put on a Happy Face" this song is also painted this joyful smile. [url=]
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There are several contradictory statements on the origin of the happy smiley face, but I'm here but would like to talk about which historians agree is a saying. The earliest use of the smiley face is the State Mutual Life, Assurance, is the brainchild of Harvey, Ball, in the smiling faces in the original 1963 designs. The exact name of this pattern is called a happy face, it absolutely can not be called the smiley face, a real happy face pattern has never been painted on the nose or lips, the composition of an authentic happy face pattern does not exceed a maximum of five elements: two eyes, mouth, and distribution in the mouth on both sides of the two tilt to the smile lines.

Are you feel happy? Today, you laugh? Is such a simple pattern by everyone's favorite, become a trend, this pair of
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design inspiration is from the smiley faces. There is no room for sadness when we see a cheery smile. [url=]
Nike Dunk High Mens Smiling Face Arrow Blue Pink White
[/url] always has identical excellent look. it's by no suggests out of style. It nerves us on to attempt once again when failure helps make us blue. The dimples of encouragement are excellent for me and you. It ripples out, moreover, towards the heartstrings that will tug, and always leaves an echo that is extremely like a hug.


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