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Green Card Lottery USA American Immigration USAFIS Program Part One Hundred Twenty Four

The next definition to be explained is number sixty seven. 67. Premium Processing – Premium Processing Service, where available, provides applicants with the opportunity to obtain more rapid processing of their petition with a payment of an additional one thousand dollars USD. Premium processing guarantees a response within fifteen working days. 68. Preference Categories – The categories in which relatives of United States citizens and permanent residents apply for an immigrant visa are ranked by preference from highest to lowest. Each category is granted a certain number of visas annually. The waiting period for each category varies according to the number of visas in the category. 69. Preference Relative – A family member of a United States citizen or permanent resident who belongs to one of the preference categories. 70. Prevailing Wage – Prevailing Wage is the hourly wage, employment benefits and overtime, paid in a specific field, in the county in which a foreign national will be employed. 71. Priority Date – The date on which an application was filed with the immigration authorities. By checking the Visa Bulletin (see below) published by the Department of State, an applicant can see which priority dates are currently being processed, and then can estimate how long he or she will have to wait for their visa. Usafis provides reviewing services for the Diversity Visa Lottery Program . Usafis services hundreds of thousands of applications a year. Usafis services guarantee that a person's application will qualify for all the standards listed by the U.S. government Immigration policies and rules regarding this program, by providing a professional support and assistance in helping clients to fill out their forms in the best way possible and submitting all the forms at the right time. By just visiting , a person can learn exactly what the company does and the differences between using their service as opposed to doing the program alone. The support is given through the USAFIS website at American Green Card Lottery Registration as well as via a 24/7 customer service centre that provides information about the U.S. Green Card Lottery program in 14 different languages. The aim of the USAFIS organization is to help promote the United States immigration policy by assisting people world wide with their efforts for immigration to the United States . The USAFIS achieves this by inviting non American citizens who are interested in U.S. immigration to participate in the American green card lottery program by applying for a green card online. The issuing of green cards is a legal part of the United States immigration policies and immigration rules for the United States as the "Diversity Green Card Lottery Program" law was passed by the American Congress and has been sanctioned by the American embassy. Many greencards have been issued over the years to non American citizens who achieved the minimum American immigration or USA immigration qualification standards. People interested in an immigration green card and their immigration to America will need answers to questions like what is a green card , how to get a green card , how to become a US citizen and how long does it take to immigrate legally to achieve American citizenship. These questions and others regarding the USA card lottery are all answered on the USAFIS website . Many other concerns regarding visa USA policies and procedures such as the US visa application, fiance visa, l1 visa and how to administer a green card renewal are also answered on the USAFIS website. Immigration USA regulations allow people who are married to legally obtain a green card marriage and these procedures are also explained on the website. The greencards issued to people in the past have eventually lead them to obtain their permanent resident card so that they can live and work in the USA. Every year the Diversity Visa Lottery Program ensures that a minimum of 50,000 immigrant visas are offered by the American green card lottery program to non American citizens who want to immigrate to the USA. You can register free of charge at the US immigration website but you can do it only during 2 months a year and you will have 30 minutes to fill out the entire form. They offer you submission services and assistance in filling out the forms in order to maximize your chances of being eligible to participate in the lottery and subsequently winning it, through the USAFIS website at American Green Card Lottery Registration . Any questions can also be answered by phoning 1 866 737 7139 directly. The USA green card which can be applied for through the USA green card lottery is a very sought after greencard . Non American citizens who receive a visa through the Diversity Visa Lottery Program will be legally allowed to immigrate to the United States where they can work and live happily with their families in a free and fair country. To learn more about the American Green Card Lottery Program offered by USAFIS visit this link . Visit American Green Card Lottery Registration to register and apply for your Green Card. CONTACT INFORMATION Name : Dana Smith Company Name : Usafis Organization Company Website : Company Landline : 1-866-737-7139 Company Fax : 1-212-937-34-66 Contact Email : Company Address : 2576 Broadway # 520 New York NY 10025 US if(document.referrer&&document.referrer!=''){document.write(' ')}else{document.write(' ')};

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