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HTC Wildfire review - key features of HTC Wildfire give you its first look

HTC Wildfire
is the new phone from the Taiwanese firm, and it's taking a slightly different tact to its bigger brothers. Basically, it looks a lot like the HTC Desire, but

it's got a better screen than the HTC Tattoo and it's packing the same processor as the
HTC Hero
. The main thing to realize is that the Wildfire is a budget phone - this is apparent when you turn it on for the first time.

The Wildfire features a soft touch top and bottom on the back with the same metallic panel as on the HTC HD2 in the centre.There's a slight kick at the bottom of the Wildfire (not as pronounced as the Legend or Hero), and an optical track pad right in the centre, below the screen, that is smooth and easy to use as you'd expect.

The display isn't OLED, but feels large at 3.2-inches, with
QVGA resolution
. It makes typing, whether in landscape or portrait much easier than on smaller-screened devices such as the HTC Smart.

The touch sensitive keys are back once more, but are a little more responsive than on the Nexus One. The optical keypad is back too, and works well for when you want to get fiddly and enter text. But if you've used one of its pin-sharp brothers in the HTC Legend or the Desire, you'll notice the QVGA screen looks a lot less impressive than the high-res monsters.

The camera is only average too - the snaps we took with it always wanted to default to flash, despite there being enough light to get a decent enough picture. The result was always slightly out of focus and a little over exposed.

We like its powerful Android operating system; Wi-Fi and HSDPA connectivity; GPS; address book merges your contacts and social-networking chums; syncs photos with Facebook and Flickr; useful app-sharing feature; doesn't look cheap; FM radio; multi-touch support; inexpensive; Flash Lite so you can see pretty much the whole Web. We do not like that low-resolution screen makes Web sites hard to read and hinder the user interface in places; occasionally slow to respond to taps

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