Celtic Battle Axe

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Metroid: Other M Game Guide Sector 1: Final Battle

Sector 1: Final Battle Game Guide

Return to where you left the researcher and you'll locate the Deleter, who has been killed by soem gruesome means. Move through the hallway and dash passed the floating orbs to arrive at the metroid hatchery.

Metroid Queen

Locate the last scientist hiding inside one of the doors ahead. This will unlock a door containing the final storyline boss: The Metroid Queen. The queen is immune to damage in its current state and will instead launch out six baby Metroids over three waves. The babies must be frozen with your beam and then destroyed with a super missile. This can be incredibly frustrating as there are six targets and even the Queen can free her babies. It's best to destroy each wave quickly before you are overwhelmed. If you do get swarmed, it's best to cluster them together to freeze them all in one swoop. If they start attacking you, switch into a morph ball and bomb them until you're released.

Once all six targets are dead, the Queen will sprout crystal spikes. This will not only enhance her offensive power, but will provide a key vulnerability. Charge your missiles to full and launch out seeker missiles to deal the most damage. Continue to dodge when the queen goes berserk, and respond again when she stalls. About 30 missiles will be enough to finish this round. After a short scene, the queen qill once again be prone. Fire everything you have at her belly and she will eventually rise again, swallowing you whole. Use your last new ability: the power bomb to finish off the boss.

Follow the researcher into the next corridor to learn the truth about the Bottle Ship. You'll be assualted by a storm of powerful enemies and will be unable to move. You can't rely on the Federation soldiers to help you, nor can you freely move. Shoot the enemies enough to clear a path. Finally, target MB to finish the main storyline.

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