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Order Final Fantasy XIV Collector's Edition

The PlayStation 3 is released later in March 2011. If you are a fan of computer games, you wait until 30 September 2010 for the Microsoft Windows version of Final Fantasy XIV published pending. Note that the Final Fantasy XIII Collector's Edition for release a week earlier, 22September 2010 Total preferably, the collector, SOA Edition, the thing I do is to provide support to my own hub! Previously, I was very regrettable that some Final Fantasy games were released for PlayStation. Guess the tables have a little now that the PC version to be given priority. Those who play on the PlayStation MMORPG ever? These games are for the computer. Regardless, once with other Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy XIV is developed and published by Square Enix online. The game is published in Japanese, English and French, and German, so you're lucky if you know one of these languages!

Well, is certainly the main goal of my boss today to the latest Final Fantasy discuss game Final Fantasy XIV, who speaks only March 2011 (but of course you can order my boss now! So, You are the one of her first, does the same when it comes September 2010 and it is going a few months). For this version of Final Fantasy, it is easily accessible from earlier versions. MMORPGs are now in vogue. You might ask, what are the MMORPG? This stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. The excitement began with World or Warcraft. Since these games are played that make the control of a virtual player with this life and the virtual online learning with infinite other human players to interact, it is in this virtual world online about their characters, which are also known as avatars. In fact, Final Fantasy XI is not the first game Final Fantasy is a MMORPG. The first Final Fantasy XI was released in 2002 online. For the MMORPG Final Fantasy, there are many tasks that can improve your kind of expertise. There are also quests that can take you, sometimes when a group of players. Then you can try to player-vs.-player competitions.

I'm a fan of Final Fantasy since I was 8 or Final Fantasy VIII; the attraction is the great story and great graphics and cool game to play. They point out that I am a computer game player and when I played Final Fantasy VIII, I played the PC version of the game, which was adapted from the Playstation. Since then I have also tried Final Fantasy VII. Although most people say that Final Fantasy VII is the best Final Fantasy game ever, I would say that Final Fantasy VIII is the best game I have Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy X tent on the PlayStation, but since then have not touched Final Fantasy. In the interest of fans of Final Fantasy, I will show these games on my hub.

The game begins in a land called Hydaelyn is located in an area called Eorzea, sees the story a bit like the old China, where there are many different warring countries in Eorzea. Then there is what the perpetrator was known Garlean Empire for the peoples of the kingdom to repel invasion of OSA causes combine. Ultimately, they will not AOT and this has a lot of unemployed soldiers and mercenaries. He therefore decided to guilds to make known adventurer, and that's where you come in.

If you ask me, go ISN history, AOT is important because all these MMORPGs, mainly on the principle that in the game, you grow your character, make some dough to quests, etc, etc. Interesting to run, it seems a number of changes over the previous year Fantasy XI MMORPG Final Fantasy XI will be. The combat system and use the previously used experience points and level-based development is now being gradually replaced by a system based on ability. However, race and allow the players feel the same avatars similar to Final Fantasy XI created. Play group was also the background, plays with individual and group exhibitions will be better balanced.

When you buy or order by Final Fantasy XIV was made think now I would say that the Collector's Edition Final Fantasy XIII instead. The Final Fantasy XIII Collector's Edition comes with the following extras:

Quick access code (you play the game and in this code, you can play eight days before those who pre-order the Standard Edition)

FFXIV game disc (of course you play the game)

Backstage DVD (for all the crazy fans of Final Fantasy)

Buddy Pass to insert (in fact, do not ask me what it is!)

"Right of Passage" coupon, in-game item, brand security token and travel diary

Delivered by e-mail personalized and numbered "Right of Passage" document (all these cool collector stuff to AOS)

currently, the Collector's Edition Final Fantasy XIII is only for the price of U.S. $ 74.99 as long as they get stock! Otherwise, you can still use the standard Final Fantasy 14 Edition. When released you can not wait for Final Fantasy 14, then you can watch the latest Final Fantasy game (Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy or published on 13 for the Playstation 3. This is not a MMORPG, of course, but Final Fantasy fans in th

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