Colt Signature Series

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i have also just inherited a colt 44 blackpowder revolver whit. hart. 44 cal. dragoon value?

this gun is a colt signature series whitney hartford .44 cal.dragoon in litterally mint cond. still in the factory colt shipping box

There are several variables involved. As stated above taking it to a reputable gun appraiser would give you a good idea. If you can document the history of the gun (who originally bought it, what they did with it, how it got passed down to you from the original owner, etc.) you can add a lot more value to the gun. Some guns may not have a lot of value right now, but in 20-30 years might have a lot more. If the person you inherited the gun from is the original owner and you can document this, I'd say keep it for a few years, add your history to it and then maybe your kids or grandkids will have something of real value when they are older.

Even more valuable would be the joys of using such a gun with your kids and grandkids. In the end those memories will have infinitely more value than the gun itself. Take it out shooting (but keep the original packaging) on occasion, then keep it immaculately cleaned and stored and whether some appraiser thinks so or not you will definitely have a collectors piece.

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