Columbia River Elishewitz

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Columbia brand and how to wash its outdoor jacket

Columbia's name is derive from Columbia River, which is a famous American fashion brand. The brand was founded in 1938, up to now, it is one of the three biggest outdoor exercise equipment brands. In the beginning of its development, it mainly produced raincoat and rainhat. Later on, the brand continuously develops diversified products and researches high-tech fabrics. The classic exclusive patented shell fabric are Omni-Tech&reg and Omni-Dry&reg. These shell fabric successively through the strict quality testing technology.

In 1938, Columbia took root in Oregon. Because there were a lot of rainy days in the whole year there, so most of the brand's products were raincoats and rainhats in these early years. Since from 1964 to 1970, the husband of Gertrude Boyle--the chairman of the board of directors—Neal officially became a group leader. In 1970, Neal died from heart disease. Gertrude Boyle had to presided over the office. Depending on the drive and determination, Gertrude Boyle saved Columbia Sportswear, which was dying back to life from the helpless situation.

In addition its brand development concept-- "Strong and unyielding, and the courage to challenge", she spoken in person for Columbia by herself. Her personal appearance fully show the brand quality--strong hale, indomitable and brave to challenge. Up to now, the product series of Columbia have expanded to outdoor jacket, multi-function pants, T-shirt, shoulderbag and outdoor sports shoes etc from the initial raincoat and rain gear. The brand is popular among outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

Columbia coats are meant to protect you from the elements, such as snow, ice, rain and wind, while you are skiing, playing with friends and family or otherwise enjoying the outdoors. Washing the coat one to three times per season keeps the item looking and smelling its best. One must be careful when washing one of these coats, however, to avoid changing its shape or otherwise damaging its surface. Inspect the coat and look for any dirt or other particles. Remove such particles usinga soft-bristled brush.

Place a small amount of liquid laundry detergent or a stain remover onto any stained portion of the coat. Columbia Customer Service recommends using a product such as Spray N' Wash. Do not use any detergents that contain bleach. Secure all buttons, zippers and snaps on the jacket. Then, turn the jacket inside out. This prevents the jacket from losing its shape while being washed. Place the jacket and other similar coats inside the washing machine. Do not wash everyday clothes with the coat, as doing so endangers the coat's shape and fabric. Pour the low phosphate/no phosphate powdered laundry detergent into the machine. The amount of detergent varies per the amount of coats you're washing. Follow the instructions on the detergent's box.

Set the washing machine temperature to "cool" to avoid damaging the coat. Run one washing cycle. Then, run one "Rinse" cycle while the machine is still set to "cool." Remove the coat from the machine. Hang the coat to dry outside or in a well-ventilated room if possible. Use the "tumble" cycle in a dryer if it isn't possible to hang the coat. Hanging the coat is always recommended to prevent any damage to the coat's surface of shape.

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