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This 7-inch Ceramic Knife is an exciting new kitchen tool for chopping.

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is an exciting new kitchen tool for chopping and slicing foods cleanly and safely. This thin blade slicing design version is perfect to use for breads and other frequently sliced foods. Since ceramic knives are more hygienic than steel knives and easier to clean, they are quickly becoming the preferred choice of table knife for use in homes everywhere.

Popular with many of today’s top chefs and professional cooks, these Ceramic Knife are the perfect kitchen gadget for every home kitchen and restaurant. Here are just a few of the amazing benefits of owning and using one:

Hygienic – no worry of rust or bacteria

Easy to clean – just a little bit of soap and water, foods do not cling to the blade

Always stays sharp

Will not taint food with metallic taste

Lightweight with good balance – less effort needed to cut straight

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