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Powerful Crane Trucks from i80 equipment

Crane trucks are the most well known boom trucks around and are a fixture at every major construction site. Cranes primarily facilitate the fast and easy transport of heavy building materials and components from the ground to higher locations. In some primitive form or other, cranes have been used in construction practically throughout recorded human history.

It is almost impossible to imagine building a structure over three stories high without the use of crane trucks. In high rise building construction sites, telescoping cranes are a fixture ar the top of the building until the building’s roof is installed. Cranes are vital to getting building materials to high places from the ground where they are delivered.

crane trucks are awe inspiring to watch: the sight of a long, slender, telescoping boom power lifting heavy iron girders and then effortlessly hoisting them up several floors can really be pretty impressive. The crane is a powerful tool on its own with limitless uses, but mounting one on a truck increases its versatility tenfold.

The crane’s purpose is to lift extremely heavy objects from one place to another without the benefit of a road or a walkway between the two points. That is why cranes are so vital to high-rise construction. Cranes may be powerful and expensive tools, but could you really imagine a high rise construction without cranes? How many men climbing stairs would is take to lift a ton of hollow blocks, steel or cement up 8 floors? When you think of it in these terms, the amount of time, and paid man hours you save is well worth it. Modern construction site cranes are collapsible, the main reason being, there isn’t much use for cranes on finished buildings.

crane trucks bring that kind of power in a portable package. They are used to move generators, industrial air conditioners, grand pianos, or any other heavy object you can imagine. Crane trucks are used to hoist cars that have been totaled onto trucks. They are often used to hoist livestock onto trucks. Most big city fire departments have at least one very long crane truck. Crane trucks can double as bucket trucks and used to get to people high up, who are in need of rescue. Whenever something heavy needs to be moved, and there is no easy way to move it on the ground, crane trucks are needed.

Crane trucks come in different sizes and capacities. The simplest ones have short booms and small winches. Then there are those with long telescoping booms and outrigger jacks to stabilize the crane during heavy lifting. Some crane trucks can be fitted with buckets for people to ride in. Often larger crane trucks with longer booms use a separate engine for powering the boom. The many applications for crane trucks mean many different types of cranes with varying capabilities, and operational costs.

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