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2nd Annual World Health Care Congress Middle East!

The 2nd Annual World Health Care Congress Middle East

The Most Influential Health Care Event held in the Middle East to Promote Health Care through Global Innovative Best Practices

The 2nd Annual World Health Care Congress Middle East (WHCC ME), co-sponsored by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi and the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, is a global event in which over 600 health care, government and corporate leaders from over 25 countries come together to define objectives and frame solutions to the challenges of health care reform, cost, quality and delivery.

The 2011 WHCC ME Congress will feature the top thought leaders and industry influencers including health ministers, leading government officials, hospital directors, health system and hospital providers, patient safety directors, disease management professionals and health and wellness experts, chief financial leaders, IT and mHealth innovators, decision makers from public and private insurance funds, investment and venture capital principals, pharmaceutical and biotech executives and consulting firm directors.

The WHCC ME agenda will feature debates, case studies and best practices from all industry sectors to identify innovative strategies to improve the overall delivery of health care. This unparalleled networking event puts together senior executives to meet and strategize on the crucial steps necessary to adapt their health systems to operate more efficiently to decrease the cost of care, enhance the delivery of service and improve the patient experience.

New in 2011

Key Topics and Markets Include:

* Global Ministers of Health Discussion - the Global Economic Crisis and Its Effect on Health Care

* Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) Health Authority Dialogue - Health Care Strategies for the Future and Evidence-Informed Health Policies

* What Innovation Means to Health Care

* Emerging Technologies for Patient Decision Making

* Patient Safety and Quality Innovation and Improvement

* Hospital/Health System CEO Debate on Global Health Care Models

* Transfer of Healthcare Knowledge and Best Practices

* Achieving Healthcare Greatness

* Future Pharmaceutical Business Models

* Building a Sustainable Health Care Workforce

* Innovative Financing Models for Global Health Care Challenges

* Health Care IT from Transaction to Communication

* The Impact of mHealth

* How Provider Systems and Technology Companies are Responding to the Implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems

* Challenges and Solutions to Privatization of Health Care

* Building Strategic Public Private Partnerships

* Health Care Insurance Challenges in the Middle East

* The Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles

* Promising Advancements in Disease Detection and Treatment

* Exploring Sustainable Health through Health Care Prevention

* Luncheon CME Program - Innovations in Pediatric Chronic Diseases

WHCC DEMO SPOTLIGHT Sponsorship – Video

Showcase your affordable, sustainable and scalable solutions to improving health care through World Congress’ featured Innovations and Investors Demo Program. Our on-site video crew will professionally record your product demo while at the Congress which will then be posted on the event web site and made available for your use.

Video and Live Presentation Benefits:

* Only 5 Segments Available

* Videos are professionally produced and edited

* Presentations take place in the executive networking area to maximize onsite exposure

* 10-minute presentation to a live onsite audience

* Presentations are recorded for post conference promotion

* Top presentation will be awarded an exclusive 30 minute webinar post event that is promoted by WHCC

* The video presentation is posted on the related conference Web sites

* Extensive promotional support pre and post event Press Releases, Email Broadcasts, Direct Mail, Phone Sales

* Presenters will be eligible to purchase a 30 minute webinar post event at a discounted rate

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