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Egyptian Gift Shop- A Collection of Rare and Invaluable Artefacts

Who is not aware of the rare collection of the Egyptian statues and artefacts? Read to know what makes them so popular. Apart from adding to the decor of your house, they also make a great gift for your near and dear ones.

Ancient Egyptians were highly talented and their craftsmanship is clearly evident from their paintings, sculpture, jewelry and furniture. Egypt is know for its hyper arid climatic conditions and this is perhaps what prompted the local craftsman to use organic material in the making of furniture and other home decorations. These rare artistic collections not only promote the rich heritage and culture of Egyptians but also enhance the appeal of your homes. Hence most people opt to use ancient Egyptian decorations for adding charm to their homes. A rare collection of these statues and figurines is available with Xotice Egyptian home décors.

The culture and religion of Egyptians is reflected in their paintings, sculpture, architecture, furniture and other art works produced during their time. In fact stone was the key material that was used in the making of ancient Egyptian statues. Limestone, sandstone, gypsum, steatite and soft stone are some of the variants that were used in sculpture making. Another popular raw material for sculpture making was wood, however the use of the later was only limited to statuary pieces.

Most of the ancient Egyptian statues were created either in a statuary or relief form. The main subject material for Egyptian statues and arts forms was gods, demigods, pharaohs, court officials, heroic battles and nature. Some of these creations also portrayed real life events. In fact Egyptian artists followed strict conventions while crafting these statues and due care is taken to ensure that male statues are darker than female ones. In fact their method of representing god, nature, man and environment is unique in itself. This is the reason why ancient Egyptian statues and sculpture is renowned across the globe and has won the laurels of artists. Today these statues and sculptures are seen as a rare art work and hence a collection of these creations would definitely set you apart from the lot.

Xotice Egyptian home decors is one such place that would help you lay your hands on some of the rare yet artistic creations of yester years. Phoenician merchant ship, Anubis Egyptian holiday and classic Egyptian Tut Isis Anubis statue are few such collections available at home décor store that would add charm to your home. Unlike most other ancient creations, ancient Egyptian home decorations are made using precious metals, fabric and natural colors. This is what sets these masterpieces apart from other creations available in the market.

When it comes to ancient Egyptian furniture, not many types of furniture were used during those times. In fact chairs were always perceived as a luxurious item and were reserved for people of a particular class of the society. Conventional stools, tables, beds, lamp stands, shrines, chests, chairs, cupboards and jewelry boxes are some of the ancient Egyptian decorations that are available at this home décor store. Besides possessing some of the rarest collections, this store also offers them at most affordable prices. So, if you are considering presenting your dear ones something that is rare and invaluable make sure you check out Egyptian gift shop.

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