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Meet the New Sister of MiG-29 Fulcrum Jet

MiG fighter jets, along with Sukhoi fighter jets are great dogfighters and high-performance Russian fighters and attackers. Their agility, uniquely aerodynamics shape, armaments and avionics sophistications are some factors which pushes some European and United States aircraft manufacturers to regularly upgrade their fighters capability to counter MiG jet fighters, especially MiG-29 Fulcrum and its new sister, the MiG-35 Fulcrum-F.

MiG-35 Fulcrum-F has been developed from the design of MiG-29M Super Fulcrum and its first flight was in 2007. As of today, the new sister of
MiG-29 Fulcrum
remains under development. Currently, there are 10 prototypes of MiG-35 has been built. RAC MiG as the designer of this new fighter makes some improvement on avionics and its weapon systems. Without a doubt, all of this development will make MiG fighter jet variants become more powerful in the sky.

MiG-35 Fulcrum-F is designed for one or two crews to man this multi-role fighter. With new twin-engine of Klimov RD-33MK and vectored thrust nozzle, definitely its dogfight maneuverability will be much better than its old sister the MiG-29 Fulcrum. As we all know, MiG-29 is one of the fighter jet that can perform Pugachev’s Cobra maneuver and now its new sister will surely can perform that maneuver even a harder one: Kulbit maneuver.

MiG-35 Fulcrum-F can detect targets at 45 km range and its new radar system can see a tank on the ground from a distance of 15 km away and when an enemy brings in an aircraft carrier then MiG-35 can detect its presence from 60 to 80 km. This new member of MiG fighter jets is able to see the type of a tank on the ground at 10 km away. Marvelous!

The supersonic MiG-35 Fulcrum-F can fly at Mach 2.25 speed with combat radius of 1,000 km and can climb up to the sky up to 17,500 m, close to stratosphere. This agile fighter is armed with Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-301 cannon, a load of air-to-air missiles and air-to-surface missiles such as AS-17 Kypton. MiG-35 can carry 1000 kg bombs, guided and unguided.

MiG-35 Fulcrum-F is designed to counter some new Western fighter jets such as Dassault Rafale, Eurofighter Typhoon, F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and F-35 Lightning II. It is going to be great military aviation technology as those manufacturers will also upgrade their own fighters. However, it is not a secret that Western fighter jets remain having lower maneuverability compared to Russian’s, including MiG fighter jets.
Fly Mig-29 in Russia
and experience its power.

With all MiG-35 Fulcrum-F has, and of course further improvement will be made, MiG fighter jets will always be one of powerful Russian lethal weapon in the sky. MiG-29 and all of its variants will be one of the best choices from future military fighter operators in the world. One question is: will MiG-35 be like its successful predecessor, MiG-21 Fishbed, which had been produced massively over a long time?

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