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Various Tuition Exchanges Fulfilling Your Higher Education Dreams

Enroll in The Tuition Exchange and enhance your chances for good higher education opportunities. With a variety of fields and subjects to choose from, The Tuition Exchange opens the doors to more promising careers for all, staff, students as well as faculty members. Scholarship programs help top-tier students get a degree in schools and colleges and make college tuition affordable. It also enhances the career opportunities for talented employees.

We just run on one purpose: to help our member institutions make a career at their school more attractive and a degree at their school more affordable. The Tuition Exchange is a give-and-take scholarship program for children and other family members of faculty and staff employed at over 590 participating institutions.

Tuition Exchange is a non-profit association of colleges and universities and was founded 57 years ago with the purpose to make careers in higher education more attractive. We do this through a reciprocal scholarship program, which finances college tuition for the children and other family members of faculty and staff employed at participating institutions. The Tuition Exchange started with the support of TIAA/CREF and opened with funding from the Ford Foundation for the Advancement of Higher Education, The Tuition Exchange is the oldest and largest program of its kind in the U.S. – some 600+ members strong! And we continue to grow – adding an average of twenty new schools annually.

With around 60,000
scholarship colleges
and schools are continuously becoming a part of The Tuition Exchange. Each college, school and institute has their own set of policies and regulations for determining eligibility and requirements for these scholarships. Our Liaison Officer at the institution that employs you can help you with all the formalities and requirements needed. They also keep you updated about the procedures and requirements needed applying for a scholarship.

We understand the expenses required to get through school or college. The Tuition Exchange provides you with scholarships so that money is never an issue that keeps you away from your education. A proper foundation level education paves the way for better higher education opportunities.

Due to the quality of scholarships of at The Tuition Exchange to help with your
college tuition
, competition to avail these scholarships is very high. While some member schools have additional requirements for exchange applicants, such as higher academic standards; others limit awards to just a few new students each year.

Countless benefits come with The Tuition Exchange. It helps you increase your compensation package serve as a strong incentive for top job candidates to accept your offer. Schools offering these scholarships also benefit as students from all over the world apply for these s. Hence schools and colleges can choose for the brightest and best students.

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