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Easiest Way to Earn Score in Tiny Wings

Tiny Wings
is a popular game that has just released on Feb 18, 2011! Tiny Wings is a survival “running” game from Andreas Illiger for the iPhone and iPod Touch. In Tiny Wings, the most interesting thing is to
earn a high score!
Do you have some good ideas to
get high score
in Tiny Wings? Follow
Tiny Wings cheats
which shows you easiest way to
earn high score in Tiny Wings.

Tips 1: Earn Score in Tiny Wings

The first way for you ti earn high score in Tiny Wings is very easy! This way to increase your score is to
activate Fever Mode
in-game. You can try to
achieve Perfect Slides!
This can help you earn more scores! Good luck!

Tips 2: Earn Score in Tiny Wings

Your score in Tiny Wings is dependent not only on how far you
physically travel each time
you play, but also by how many
coins you collect along the way.
And Your high score will be
tracked through the first 10 times
you play the game! Hope can help you!

Here I can only give you these tips to help you earn a high score in Tiny Wings! If you want to know more, the
Tiny Wings walkthroguh
will help you more!

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