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key points to be considered while buying curved stair lifts

If your stair has a simple turn in the middle, you can consider the idea of installing straight stair lifts instead of a stair lift that is curved. However, this would require the physically challenged or elderly person to change from one lift to another. This may be extremely difficult or painful. Curved stair lift is a practical alternative to two straight stair lifts.

You can browse through the net to find out whether used curved stair chair lifts are available for sale. Second hand stair lift is less expensive than a new one. However, the stairways of your home may have different designs and proportions, so a used model may not be suitable for your stairway. You need to confirm whether the second-hand stair lift fits to the curve of your staircase before making your purchase. You also need to check whether the stair lift is thoroughly inspected and refurbished by the supplier.

It is important to check the security features of a curved stair lift. Choose a stair lift that comes with buttons to allow the user to control the direction of movement. The user can slow down the stair lift with the help of these buttons, when the curved position approaches. Safety seat belt is another important feature to look for in a curved chair lift. The seat belt assures that user will not be harmed while moving up and down the stairs. Safety key is another important aspect to look for. This feature prevents misuse or accidental use of the stair lift.

You can check whether the curved stair lift features emergency brake to enhance the safety of the user. The stair lifts that comes with dual electronic and mechanical braking systems ensures the safety of your loved one, in case there is a mechanical failure. Safety cut out sensor is another feature to look for in a curved stair lift. This sensor detects any obstruction in the pathway and stops the stair lift immediately, if something gets in its way. It is worth choosing a stair lift that comes with swivel seat facilitating easy mounting and dismounting. You can go for a battery-powered stair lift that ensures continual use, even in the event of a power cut. This feature is especially beneficial, if your residence is in an area that faces frequent power cuts.

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